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Todos Santos - Pueblo Magico

Todos Santos - Pueblo Magico, Artist Colony, Surfing Adventure, Authentic Mexico:

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Todos Santos Garden Casita Rental

Todos Santos 2011 Art Festival Dates Announced: February 12 - February 19, 2011
Todos Santos 3rd Annual 1K/5K Walk/Run for Health: February 5, 2011
Todos Santos 16th Annual Historic Home Tour: February 28, 2010
Todos Santos 2010 Film Festival: March 1-7, 2010
Todos Santos 2011 Home & Garden Tour: April 9, 2011
The Art Festival 2011 issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos is on the street and you can read it online here: El Calendario de Todos Santos
Todos Santos Fiestas Tradicionales  

Festival del Pilar (festival honoring the founding of Todos Santos and her patron saint Pilar, also known as Fiestas Tradicionales) is held in October with the coronation of the Queen of the Festival being usually occuring near October 11.

todos santos palapa society president erik ochoa  

I would like to thank the Board of Directors of the Palapa Society of Todos Santos for their trust in electing me as their President. I look forward to an amazing new year and to the growth of our existing programs and to the creation of new ones. To coincide with our growth it is imperative that we enlist new committed members to the board as well as volunteers to help us reach our goals. The future of Todos Santos is in the hands of its children. It is my commitment to the Palapa Society to do everything possible to help educate and enlighten the future leaders of our town. We can not vary that course. All of us at the Palapa Society of Todos Santos invite you to come and see for yourselves how you can help make a difference in the lives of our children, because that is what it's all about.

-- Erick Ochoa, President Palapa Society of Todos Santos


Finally available, entire issues of El Calendario at the new website, beginning with the February 2007 issue.

The Milkmaid is now online: Milkmaid (English) or La Lechera (Spanish).

Be sure to check out Todos Santos Pages new BLOG. Stay informed of the latest happenings in town, even in between El Calendario issues.

Condolences from all of Todos Santos to the family and friends of John Stewart, the mover behind the resurgence of the Hotel California. With the help of his wife Debbie and manager Alejandro Blanco, they made the Hotel California the number one tourist attraction in Todos Santos. John passed away on September 1, 2006.

Todos Santos Pueblo MagicoTodos Santos Officially Named "Pueblo Magico" on June 17, 2006
Wedding Photography In Todos Santos:
Las Tunas Dune Lot Owners Beware!
Why 1000's of Todos Santos Residents Oppose Building on the Dunes!
Las Tunas Dune Lot Building Restrictions!

Read More About the Negative Effects of Building on the Barrier Dunes!

L.A. Daily News Article on Todos Santos
, November 14, 2004

todos santos whales
Spyhopping Whale - Todos Santos - December 2004
Todos Santos sits beside the Pacific coast and straddles the Tropic of Cancer, one hour north of Cabo San Lucas and one hour southwest of La Paz. The Sierra de La Laguna mountains, Pacific Ocean and the Baja desert all meet here.

todos santos baja mexico

Some come to surf the many fine breaks that the area offers.

Some come to view the amazing variety of original art in the local galleries.

Some come to experience the Tropic of Cancer and the iridescent sunsets.

Some come to walk the nearly deserted beaches, not yet developed, no condos to be found.

Some come to absorb the gentle pace - the slow persistent calming pace of life.

Some come to visit, and never leave.

Todos Santos is not Cabo San Lucas. No time shares, no strip clubs, no jet skis, no beach vendors, no traffic. Just a relaxed style of living that is very hard to find in the hectic 21st century.

If you are ready to get away, then this calm oasis might just be the place you have been looking for. Check back frequently as we are adding original quality content as fast as we can.
swarming sierra and beautiful bob the surfer
Sierra (Spanish Mackerel) Swarming - Todos Santos - January 2005

Todos Santos doesn't close for the summer. Many overnight accommodations and lodgings including hotels, art and photography galleries, real estate brokers, vacation rentals, restaurants and stores are open for business all year round. Our busiest months are December - May so make your vacation plans early.

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