lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

The Baja Good Life

Baja Good Life Club
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Baja California GuideIf you work, live or play in Baja, you will benefit by becoming a member of the BAJA GOOD LIFE CLUB. The club entitles you to many benefits and discounts available throughout Baja. Membership includes club rate discount on Mexican Auto Insurance, discounts from a growing list of merchants throughout Baja, an annual subscription to the club magazine "Baja California Guide" and much, much more. SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR ONLY $23!

Mexican Auto

As a member of the Baja Good Life Club, you will have access to Mexican Auto Insurance at DEEP DISCOUNT rates as low as $77.07 per year! Read More

Merchant Discounts

As a member of the Baja Good Life you will receive a membership card worth hundreds, if not thousands on savings from a growing list of Baja Merchants. Read More


Become a member before June 1st and save $12 on your membership. Regular membership is $35 per year. Subscribe to today for only $23., 

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