miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Cabo Chips....

At Cabo Foods, we'd like to think we make one of the best tortilla chips money can buy... a real connoisseur's chip. It starts with our most basic ingredients, only the best all natural sweet white corn, healthy expeller pressed oils and our special seasoning that includes soy sauce and real lime juice, nothing artificial. Furthermore, our small batch cooking and flavor infusion process makes our chip less greasy than most other tortilla chips with 0 Trans-Fat. Cabo Chips are light, but sturdy, rich in flavor, and the perfect complement to any dip, especially the revered Mexican condiment, salsa.
Cabo Chips
Cabo Chips
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Can't find Cabo Chips near you? click here to order them online through our website, we now accept all major credit cards and Paypal! You can also click here to order them from Amazon.com!

Your customer would love to get our chips at your shop. We'd love to get our chips in your retail shop. For wholesale information click here.
Is ground delivery too slow? You may already be one of the lucky millions who can pop into your local grocers and get your fix right now. Look for our new 9oz bag now in Albertsons and Ralphs in Southern CA and Whole Foods in Texas!

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