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Cabo Sky Tours

Cabo Sky Tours - Ultralight Gilder Aerial Tours - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Cabo Sky Tours - ultralight aerial tours of cabo san lucas
Cabo Sky Tours
Enjoy the most spectacular aerial tour of your life! Ultralight Glider Tours of Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos - Baja California Sur, Mexico. Take off with our expert pilot on board a gasoline engine powered, low-speed, hang glider (Ultralight Airplane) with no cabin. With Cabo Sky Tours you will experience the feeling of free flying, delighted by one of the most beautiful views in the world - the famous rock formations and Arch at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas.

Experience the contrast of the dessert and the sea of Los Cabos and get a birds eye aerial view of some of the world's finest golf courses and more.

Cabo Sky Tours is strategically located only 80 meters from Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas; so even at take off you will enjoy the spectacular aerial views, making every second of your tour an experience to remember for life!

Pelican Flight (Vuelo del Pelicano) 700 ft. – 10 minute tour

After departing from the airstrip, you will admire all the Cabo San Lucas bay shoreline, the hotels and their swimming pools, big yachts at the Cabo San Lucas Marina and the town. You will enjoy the great views of Land's End, where the two seas meet the famous and gorgeous Arch, Lover's beach, the Pirate's Cave and the residential area of "Pedregal" with some the "rich and famous" spectacular vacation villas.

Single Adult (under 200 pounds) - $75.00 usd

Single Adult (200 to 250 pounds maximum weight) - $105.00 usd

Albatros Flight (Vuelo del Albatros) 2,000 ft. – 20 minute tour
Including the Pelican Flight itinerary described above, you will also fly over the new Pacific side luxury resorts area all the way to the Old Lighthouse and the dunes where the movie "Troy" was filmed. After reaching the 2000 ft. The engine will be stopped to descend in silence making this the best moment of the flight. Previous to taking off you may ask the pilot to let you be in control for a while.
Albatros Flight Rates
Single Adult (under 200 pounds) - $140.00 usd
Single Adult (200 to 250 pounds maximum weight) - $165.00 usd

The King's Flight (Vuelo del Rey) 1 hour tour
This is the "connoisseurs" favorite flight including the Pelican and Albatros flights, plus the tourist corridor all the way to San Jose del Cabo. You will enjoy the view of of Punta Ballena, Barco Varado, Santa Maria Bay, Chileno Bay, the Melia Cabo Real Hotel beach, Punta Palmilla, the San Jose del Cabo bay and the Estuary.
The King's Flight Rates
Single Adult (under 200 pounds) - $299.00 usd
Single Adult (200 to 250 pounds maximum weight) - $299.00 usd

Aerial Photography
Being a low speed airplane with no cabin, the Ultralight is ideal for aerial photography. Cabo Sky Tours is frequently asked for this type of flight, where you can photograph construction progress, homes, hotels, lots, ships, etc...

Cabo Sky Tours - Ultra Light Glider flight
Cabo Sky Tours - ultralight aerial tours of cabo san lucas

Aerial Photography Rates
Rate per hour: up to 200 pounds - $400.00 usd
Rate per hour: 200 to 250 pounds - $400.00 usd

The Pilot:
The Pilot has 26 years of flying experience and more than 6,800 hours of flight time. Ernesto Magaña was the first pilot to receive an Ultralight Airplane Pilot's License (No. 130-MEX-001) from the FAA in Mexico.

He has covered more than 650 Hang Glider flights from mountain slopes, 130 ultralight aero towed hang glider flights, more than 1,200, 450 hp fast speed boat towed hang glider flights with and without a passenger. Ample experience on slow-wing powered hang glider (26-55 mph) and fast wing powered hang glider (30-80 mph) flights.

The Plane:
Cosmos-La Mouette, winner of multiple Hang Glider and Airplane International Competitions, manufactured in France with the safest and most resistant materials in the world.

Cabo Sky Tours - Air Tours

The take-off area and the space flying area can change between Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo or the Tourist Corridor depending on your reservation day weather, please contact the Cabo Sky Tours office the day of your reservation.

Office: (624) 144-1294 | Cell: 044 (624) 150-1000 and 044 (624) 166-1990 | Fax: (624) 144-1294

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Cabo Sky Tours - Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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