domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Mama´s Royal Cafe

If your mama was a culinary school graduate!!!
Enjoy a mimosa with your world-class breakfast on our bougainvillia-covered patio while enjoying live Mariachi music!

Just so you know...
we use only purified water to wash all fruits and vegetables.
we use only pasteurized cheese and dairy products.
the WORLD's BEST French toast
stuffed with cream cheese
topped with bananas and pecans
flambéd in orange liquer

Eggs Benedict
Tropical Fruit Crepes
Fresh Squeezed Juices and Smoothies
Vegetarian specials
Traditional Mexican dishes
Over 40 types of omelettes
Fresh ground coffee

located at the corner (esquina de) Zapata and Hidalgo streets, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
in mexico: 143-4290
from the states: 011-52-114-34290

every day, 7:30am - 1pm

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