domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Hotel California....

Welcome to Hotel California

Rooms and Suites

Choose among 11 sumptuously appointed, wildly imaginative rooms and suites. Each has been vividly and individually decorated with furniture and art from throughout the world creating a truly incomparable personal experience.
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La Coronela Restaurant & Bar

Partake in the pleasures and delights of renowned Belgian executive chef Dany Lamote.  Focusing on organic locally grown and raised ingredients, prepare to be dazzled by the strikingly unconventional menu featuring exotic dishes as well as classic Mexican favorites and even some basics such as omelets and hamburgers.
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Immerse yourself in the unexpected as you travel through this magnificent bazaar, chock full of sensuous trinkets, charms, garments and jewels, extravagant curiosities from around the world and fabulous items for the home – something for everyone.  A treasured experience!
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Recently, our friends at Pacifico transformed our courtyard wall into their live website's home page all with only a new paint job for the wall and a live webcam to capture the action. Now our guests will be able to physically visit Pacifico's website while they stay at Hotel California.


We were lucky enough to host a collective of world renowned surfers as they began filming a documentary that told the tale of their journey around Baja and back to California.
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