domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Dennis Catering

"Never fear, though; This fast fish recipe is foolproof."

About Dennis Catering

Denni´s Catering originated over one decade ago in Los Cabos, Mexico. After Denis Gabriel decided to throw his enthusiasm and passion for the culinary experience into the arena of food service for event-sized groups of up to 2000, the destination would be forever changed. When you need great food, quality staff services, private villas or mansions, butlers, cleaning crews, and even entertainment options. All of the assorted menu items are of international flair, using local ingredients, and attention to excellent hygiene standards is our priority. Dennis´s Catering is the only company in Los Cabos equipped to serve some 2000 people per event, and his catering company offers the best menu for weddings, events, on yachts, or in privately rented mansions. His company caters to movie stars dinning under the stars. After years of exceptional catering services, Denni´s Catering developed the professional reputation as the only catering company equivalent to Hollywood standards.

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